Fort Allen Park Rehabilitation Project


Fort Allen Park has been transformed to the period of historic significance as identified during the research phase of the rehabilitation project.  The time when the Park held it’s highest integrity; 1890 to 1930. Friends of the Eastern Promenade (FoEP) began the quest for this landscape treatment plan in the spring of 2011.  The Eastern Promenade earned its place on the National Register of Historic Landscapes in 1989.  It was therefore essential to develop a plan with an emphasis on historic preservation.  The intent of the project was to rehabilitate the park and restore its character by utilizing historic landscape elements while balancing current needs such as an accessible overlook to Casco Bay and minimizing light pollution. Considerations had to include both historic context and present-day uses.  This approach would provide validity to design recommendations with state and local Historic Preservation boards, members of the public, and the 2004 Master Plan for the Eastern Promenade.

“The overall intent of the plan is to rehabilitate the park, restoring its character by utilizing historic landscape elements.”     2004 Master Plan for the Eastern Promenade

H-FAP BW-entrance

The approved design scheme reflects Olmsted’s vision for pedestrian circulation within the Eastern Promenade. The historic central walkway leading from the Prom to the bandstand and the tree-lined walkways have been reestablished along the borders of the Park. The overlook to Casco Bay features a new granite staircase and 300ft of ornamental fencing to secure its perimeter as well as the existing embankment at the Park’s end. An enhanced 40ft entry plaza now includes bike racks, large stone planter and a return of the historic bench rows.  New bollard lighting illuminates walkways for pedestrian use.

Recognition opportunities are available at Fort Allen Park to ensure the timely completion of this restoration project.

If you are interested in giving opportunities, please contact Executive Director, Diane Davison at or follow this link to donate on our website

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